My Top 10 Driving Range Tips

My Top 10 Driving Range Tips


1. Enjoy It. At Marsden Golf Driving Range we have provided cozy spaces for you to bring the family, listen to some music and relax whilst playing golf. We  are independent from a traditional golf course which means you can stop by after work and not have to worry about tee times, dress rules and slow play. 

2. Take your time. No need to rush through that bucket of balls in 10 minutes and break a sweat. 

3. Be considerate of others. At a driving range you are alot closer to other golfers than you would be on the golf course so safety of players is paramount. As our landing zones are alot narrower when compared to other ranges, we do have netted bays which will protect you and your fellow golfers from wayward shots. However, we have seen balls end up in some random places so never walk in front of the tee area to collect topped or miss-hit balls. 

4. Don't just hit driver and tee the ball up for added confidence. Whilst we all love to see how far we can hit it, driver can be the hardest club to see a good result with. Don't be afraid to grab that 7 iron. A well struck 7 iron or wedge that goes down the centre and lands next to the pin can give you that confidence boost we all love.

5. If you're nervous try to pick a bay near the end of the driving range  where you're facing other golfers. Not only will they not see your swing or where your shots end up but you might just be entertained at the amount of different ways there are to get that ball off the tee. 

6. Aim and alignment. Look down the fairway and keep the ball between you and the target. Then place a club or alignment stick on the ground where your feet will be horizontal to that imaginary line between you and where you want the ball to finish. Then, use this club to line your feet, hips and shoulders up with when addressing the ball. This will help you at least start your swing from a 'lined up' position giving you the best opportunity to hit the ball close. 

7. Don't be embarrassed if your technique is not picture perfect. Majority of golfers who come to a driving range are wanting to work on their game. They don't care what you are doing. 

8. Play games with your friends like Nearest the Pin competitions. Or Winner Best of 3/ Best of 5. Choose targets you can all get to and focus on those bragging rights. 

9. Make sure you stretch or warm up. Golf is still a sport after all. A stretch of the arms, back and legs will help prevent any injury you may sustain when celebrating that win in that NTP competition. 

10. Do as the pro's do. If you want to put in a quality range session, start with your short irons and make your way up through to driver. Complete your pre-shot routine for each shot. Focus on your target, distance and completing drills as told to you at your last lesson. The only true way of improving is with perfect practice.