When should I be fitted for clubs?

Trackman Technology to find your Perfect Set

This is like asking - What came first the chicken or the egg? Many golfers across all skill levels believe they’re “not good enough” to get a club fitting. They say that once their golf game starts to improve they’ll invest in a professional fitting, but it’s not worth it yet. But we know poorly fit equipment will not only lead you to poor swing development, but it also makes the game more frustrating, deterring you from even continuing on with the game. Price is typically the barrier people think of with custom fit clubs. Clubfitting does not have to be expensive. Yes, you can spend alot on a perfectly fit, custom built set with upcharge shafts and special grips but a full set of custom fit clubs can start at around the same price as a branded package set but you have the benefit of knowing they will give you the best opportunity to improve your game into the future. Going through the process with a PGA Member will show flaws in your technique that may or may not affect your ability to be fit and we can make recommendations about how we can future proof your set to work with you and get you playing better golf faster.