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Mitsubishi Tensei Orange CK Golf Shaft

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Mitsubishi Tensei Orange CK Graphite Wood Shaft

Golf Driver and Fairway Shaft

Prices vary. See below.

Fitted =Means we complete job for you installed into head. Grip not included. 

RAW = Shaft alone. Sent to you for you to do or organise. If you need adaptor and grip please order these separately. 

The TENSEI CK Orange builds off of MCA GOLF’s classic, smooth bend profile and incorporates the same Carbon Fiber/DuPont Kevlar (CK) weave found in the butt-section of all TENSEI CK shafts – providing enhanced stability and maximum feel, in an extremely versatile design.

Unlike other shafts TENSEI CK Series family, TENSEI CK Orange has a unique counter balanced design for player’s looking to fine-tune their golf club performance.